ur mission:

Create space for you to withdraw in order to make room for renewal and restoration.

Katherine was overwhelmed.

She was attempting to conduct a virtual meeting, but her kids were asking for help with classwork. Meanwhile the dog needed to be fed, the plants were dying, and her phone was blowing up with reminders of everything she needed to do. As Katherine reached for more chocolate, she thought, “Things have to change. There has to be a better way.”

The Drawing Room grew out of that frustration. When she saw the old house for sale, she knew she wanted to create a place for women to not only survive but thrive.

And it doesn’t hurt that this old 1850s home—a place historically filled with singing, laughter, teaching, and figuring out life together—still stands up to the task.
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Exterior shot of the Drawing Room with green door and four large windows
We need a space to gather for the good of ourselves and the good of the people we love.


We are located seven minutes off I-75. Look for the historic 1850s home.

7414 Snow Hill Road
Ooltewah, TN 37363
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8-5 Mo-Fri
Beautiful exterior watercolor of The Drawing Room with green door